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Easy Radiant Purple People Heater Liquid Propane 15'


Natural gas and propane fired models built to order with no field conversions required. Slim and sleek profile with a weather resistant stainless steel burner housing. Reliable electronic hot surface ignition. Built with 100% North American made electronic controls. Continuous combustion monitoring with three to five ignition trials before 100% safety lockout. Totally enclosed blower motor with internal thermal overload protection. Blower motor is externally mounted for ease of accessibility and to simplify intake air connection (4″ combustion air intake duct adapter comes standard). Dual air proving switches monitor combustion air and exhaust airflow for safety. Flame observation port to visually observe combustion. Factory ready to accept either 24V or 120V controls. THE RADIANT TUBE Emitter tubes are 4″ diameter, 16 gauge North American steel. Primary combustion tube made of high temperature, high emissivity specialty alloy. Secondary tubes constructed of 16 gauge specialty alloy for high emissivity and weather resistance. Swedged tube for ease of installation – no couplers or clamps required at joints. Emitter tubes provided with a 20 year burnout guarantee. THE REFLECTORS Sleek and slim profile reflectors engineered to reflect maximum radiant energy over the largest effective area possible. Highly polished material for increased reflectivity. Horizontal chain mount and rigid angle mounting kits available.

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