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Dog Survival Kit


In extreme and emergency situations animals can behave outside of their usual patterns. A dog that would normally walk to heel might run away or follow its nose straight into traffic. Other dogs might try to find a hiding spot and not come out, even for its owners voice.Containment & security of your pets should be a first priority after human safety has been taken care of. This kit includes a collar (for small dog) and a leash to help keep your pet under your control.After securing your furry loved one, water is at hand to keep them hydrated. Waste containment bags and pee pads are also included to help you keep your shelter uncontaminated from waste. Contents: 2x Folding Food Dish, 6x 125mL Water Pouches Sanitation, 1x Puppy Pad, 15x Dog Waste BagTools, 1x Light Stick, 1x Signal Whistle, 1x Emergency Reflective Blanket, 1x Dog Collar, 1x Dog Leash, 1x Large Nylon Bag, 1x Dog Flying Toy, 1x Dog Rope Toy. Add your dogs regular food to the kit. Cans tend to last 2 years, while dry food lasts 1. You can extend the life of dry food to approximately 5 years with properly sealed mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.

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