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Essentials 3 Day Kit 4 Person Black


Did you know that there are emergency kits that come with a caviar fork? (No caviar, just the fork.)The Essential 3 Day Emergency Survival Kit endeavors to strip away the redundant, expose the superfluous, and give you exactly what you need in an emergency. It’s strictly what’s needed in a survival kit. Survival.Despite being an essentials kit, this option doesn’t skimp on what’s really important. It includes food and water with 5 year shelf lives, first aid, toilet paper (perhaps the most important part!), a radio, flashlight, and more! All packed in a pair of compact, easy-carry backpacks. There is room in this kit for additional personal items.Contents2 x Medium Backpack4 x 3600 Calorie Ration Bars24 x 125mL Water Pouches4 x Emergency Blankets4 x Emergency Ponchos4 x Light Sticks1 x Signal Whistle1 x Duct Tape1 x Mini First Aid Kit4 x Face Masks1 x Toilet Paper1 x Rubber Flashlight ‘ D2 x D Batteries1 x AM/FM Radio2 x AA Batteries1 x Emergency Preparedness Guide1 x Pencil1 x Heavy Duty Zipbag

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