How to Pick the Best Rain & Winter Boots



It sure is wet outside, like most Victoria winters are! We may not get a lot of snow, but we still need to prepare for cold weather, and we definitely have to plan for the rain. So it’s worth investing in a good pair of rain or even snow boots. You want boots which look good, last for years, are comfortable to wear, and keep your feet dry and warm. We know you’ve probably had some disappointing boots in the past which haven’t lived up to their promises, and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen again! We’ve got some great tips for you to keep to help you pick the best rain & winter boots.

Find the Right Temperatureboots in snow

Most winter boots come with a temperature rating, typically running from 0 degrees to subarctic -40, and even -80 degree temperatures. In Victoria, we’re likely fine with a rating of 0 or just below to accommodate our mild winters. If you’re hitting a ski hill or visiting a colder climate though, you’d best invest in a pair which won’t freeze your tootsies.

You may think buying boots which work in up to -40 degree temperatures would cover all your bases. However, they do get heavier with increased insulation, so your comfort can suffer, and your legs and feet will fatigue faster. We recommend buying more than one pair if you’re going to be needing suitable boots for different situations.

rain boots in puddleWatch for Waterproofing

Keeping your feet warm may be a priority, but you want to ensure you keep them dry too! Look for waterproof materials, such as rubber and PVC, or check to see if a waterproof membrane is present on the boots. You’ll also want to check that the tongue and laces are gusseted or cuffed to prevent water and moisture from leaking in.

Check the Traction

Walking in wet weather can feel different from walking on ice or crushed snow. You want your rain and snow boots to offer proper traction to ensure you don’t slip or fall.

Seek Support

You’re likely navigating through some wet areas and even some ice or snow, so you want to treat your feet well. Look for good arch and ankle support, and ensure you have enough wiggle room for your toes. Try on a few different types, or possibly go up a size to find the ones that feel right for you.rain boots in puddle

Get Enough Height

You might find the most comfortable warm ankle boots, but they won’t do much good if you’re walking in two feet of snow. Keep in mind where you’ll be wearing the boots and consider buying boots which hit mid-calf or higher.

Go Where The Boots Are

At Capital Iron we carry rain and winter boots for to suit all occasions: hiking, snow trekking, or casual. We also house Vancouver Island’s largest selection of rubber boots! Plus, you’ll find everything else you need to keep you warm and dry in the cold and wet, from base layers to jackets. So head on down to one of our two convenient Victoria area locations and let our qualified sales assistants help you find the exact boots you need.



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