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Sapadilla Sweet Laundry Liquid Lavender/Lime 946ml


Fresh, clean clothes that have the wonderful aroma of floral lavender combined with the zing of lime citrus. What more could you want from your laundry liquid?
From Sapadilla, this concentrated laundry liquid with essential oils is plant based and biodegradable. Load your laundry and take a deep breath. You can relax knowing that your choice is not only good for your laundry and your family, it’s good for the planet, too.
The eco-friendly yet powerful plant based cleaning ingredients in this detergent will work hard to rid your clothes of stains, smells and dried on dirt, without the need for unnecessary chemicals.
It will leave your laundry and your home smelling amazing thanks to lavender combined with the brighter scents of lime and grapefruit for an aroma that will leave you smiling and maybe even a bit extra energized!
Feel confident washing your cotton t-shirts, silk blouses, jeans, woolen sweaters and baby’s clothes with this laundry detergent liquid which has no fake fragrances or colours that can irritate delicate skin. This formula does not contain enzymes or brighteners which can fade clothing over time.
Good for use in standard top-loading, front loading and HE compatible washing machines, it can be poured directly into the drum or into the detergent dispenser.
This 946ml (32oz) bottle is good for up to 38 regular loads – this may differ slightly if your loads are bigger, smaller or more soiled than average.

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