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Silicone Sink Strainer 12Cm Asst


For a flexible sink straining solution, look to the silicone sink strainer by Luciano. Made of a soft, durabe silicone, the wide rim is designed to fit over any standard sized sink opening. Useful in both the kitchen as a food scrap catcher during food prep and dishwashing and in the bathroom as a hair catcher, this little strainer can help keep your drains clog-free. Unlike traditional metal strainers, the silicone strainer is simple to clean out, will not rust and can be bent to snugly fit even the smallest drain openings. With holes small enough to block rice, peas and other small objects, while still letting water drain, this is an economical way to keep food scraps and other particles from entering your plumbing system. Larger oblong holes along the top edges of the strainer help to drain water efficiently, speeding up the clean up process. When you’re done in the shower, bath, or done doing dishes, just pull the strainer up and out. Dump the debris into a wastebasket or compost bin and you’re done. Rinse with cool, clear water and allow to air dry. Available in bright red or black. Size – 7 cm x 12 cm diameter.

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