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Wastebasket 6.6Gal Stepon White/Plastic


This step-on 6.6 Gallon white plastic wastebasket is perfect for when you want to easily dispose of garbage but don’t want to see what is inside the bin.
This garbage bin has an extra wide top opening with a flip-up lid that is operated by stepping onto the concealed foot pedal at the base. Hold your foot down on the pedal to keep the lid wide open while you dispose of your garbage or remove the full bag.
Simple and neutral in design, this small waste bin will blend into any room that requires a place to dispose of garbage. Great for a smaller kitchen or smaller family that doesn’t create much waste, it can also be used as a compostable food bin. Its size also makes it suitable in a bathroom, laundry room or home office. This wastebasket is also great for use in smaller commercial and office spaces where the sight and smell of garbage and food waste needs to be contained.
If you wish to, you can use extra-small garbage bags or liners with this waste bin. Larger composting bags will also be compatible. If you choose to use this garbage can without a liner, it is easy to clean with warm soapy water. Turn upside down in a sink to dry.

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