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Smooth Pillar Candle 3X8"


These smooth pillar candles are every day essentials that are both decorative and practical.
These pillar candles come in a variety of sizes in a clean and crisp white, so they will always compliment any interior decor or occasion.
These real wax candles have a wick for a real flame. Once lit, as long as they are not in a direct breeze, they will melt into themselves, creating a well of wax to prevent messy drips.
Pillar candles are particularly decorative and easy to display thanks to their wider, flat bottom. Place them directly onto a non-marking surface, put them into shallow dishes, use alongside tall candlesticks for extra effect or put them inside a hurricane lamp or lantern.
Alone, they give off a gentle light for an ambient atmosphere, or they can be used in groups of same or mixed sizes for a more dramatic and decorative effect. Consider surrounding one with foliage and ribbon for an attractive special occasion centrepiece.
Pillar candles are also a good choice to be part of a household emergency kit. Should there be a power outage, a pillar candle is stable enough to place anywhere, gives out good light and is longer lasting than tapered candles or tea lights.
Available in the following sizes:

*3 x 3 inches
*3 x 4 inches
*3 x 6 inches
*3 x 8 inches

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