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Bleh Dolls


Don’t let the big smiles on these colourful little dolls fool you, with one quick squeeze these BLEH dolls show you their true personality, and their tongue!
Great for your own cheeky little one to play with and enjoy, they are made from a soft, pliable rubber which is easy to squeeze. To make the doll stick out its tongue, just squeeze either side of its head and it will burst out with a loud popping noise. Bleh!
Satisfying to play with and squeeze, these Bleh dolls can be great stress relieving squeeze toys or even fidget toys for those who need to keep their hands busy.
Have fun making them poke their tongues out at your friends and family, they are sure to make everyone laugh. Available in assorted styles, each BLEH doll has its own personality, style and colours. Collet them all for a family of BLEH dolls.
Small enough to keep in your pocket or school bag, BLEH dolls are great to bring on short or long journeys to keep you entertained. These dolls make great little gifts for rewards, birthdays, stocking stuffers or just because.
Keep a BLEH doll close by for when you need stress release, want to laugh or want to surprise someone else.
Suitable for use by ages 4 and up.

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