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Go Ape!


If your family loves being silly together then you’ll go bananas for Go Ape, a silly actions card game from Outset Games.
This fun filled game actually encourages funny faces, loud noises and crazy actions to help you win, making it a favourite with small and big kids alike.
Go Ape is based on the classic game of go fish, where you ask other players for cards to make matches. Instead of just asking, in this game you have to act out the card that you need. This might include sucking your thumb like it’s a banana, scratching your armpits and pulling funny faces.
The adorable ape featured on the bright and colourful cards is sure to make you smile with his cheeky personality. Collect the most pairs of monkey action cards to win the game.
Be aware, hilarity can ensue when playing this game, making it hard for the contestants to concentrate on making and interpreting monkey actions.
This compact card game comes in an easy to store package making it a great option for travel. Play Go Ape with your family or friends. Can you imagine your grandma and grandpa joining in and making silly faces?
Recommended for ages 4 and up. Suitable for 2 – 6 players.

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