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Slide Whistle Boxed


Get musical with this old-fashioned slide whistle from Shylling. Whether you make up a tune, imitate a bird song or just make crazy noises, you can have lots of fun experimenting with this instrument.
A slide whistle doesn’t have finger holes to cover to change the notes that come out, instead, you change the notes by moving the internal slide mechanism in and out using the metal handle that comes from the end of the instrument.
You can make the transition between the high and low notes smooth or jump around playing a mix of different notes. Your only limitation is your imagination and how fast you can move the slider.
Warning, some grown-ups might tell you that they don’t enjoy hearing the loud whistles you are producing, but if you keep playing they will soon be taken back to their own childhoods when they probably had a similar toy to play with.
Available in the primary colours blue, green, red and yellow, why not get one of each colour and form a band? After some practice you might even be able to learn some of your favourite songs to play.
Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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