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Windmill Jumbo 29X12D? Multi


Add an eye-catching splash of colour to your garden with these bright, cheerful jumbo windmills.
Guests and passerby can’t help but smile when they catch sight of one of these jumbo windmills spinning in the breeze. Children and adults alike love them for their whimsical look.
These jumbo windmills come in three colourful designs: Multi-coloured dots, white daisies and stripes. They look pretty on their own but why not add all three to your yard, or groups of each to really add some fun and interest to your space?
The wooden sticks holding these windmills have pointed ends, enabling them to be pushed easily into grass or dirt. At 29 inches tall, they will be visible even amongst tall flowers or foliage.
Use these windmills in your front garden, back garden, in a plant pot at your entranceway, in a window box or a hanging basket. You really can use them anywhere you would enjoy seeing a flash of colour to brighten your day.
Children love to play with these windmills too. Experiment by holding them up into the wind to see how fast they can spin, or see how hard you have to blow on them to make the petals move.
Enjoy these vivid additions to your garden.

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