Our Favourite Water Sports



Island living offers excellent opportunities to get onto the water and participate in some water sports. It’s one of our favourite ways to beat the summer heat! If you’re new to the island or haven’t ventured beyond the beach before, here’s a collection of our favourite water sports for you to consider — and the best spots to do them.

Fishingkayak in the water off rocky coast

In addition to the surrounding ocean, Vancouver Island is blessed with many lakes, both large and small. That means there’s no shortage of places to get some great fishing in. Where to go all depends on what you’re looking to catch. Why not try asking local fishermen to share their hot spots? If you don’t know any fishermen (or they won’t give you their secrets), here are a few starter options. Both Albert Head and Possession Point are great examples of local spots where you can catch a variety of fish. New to fishing? Check out our guide for how to prepare your rod.

Kayaking & Canoeing

It’s not uncommon to see kayaks and canoes dotting the oceans and lakes around the island on a nice day. If you’re looking to give one of these a shot, why not grab a few friends to bring along? You can get a small group and paddle around to explore together. But if you like to spend time alone outdoors, paddling solo is also fantastic option; it’s a great way to get in some upper body exercise or relax while floating with peaceful sounds of water.

If you’re planning on going out more than once, you may want to consider buying rather than renting. Getting your own kayak or canoe (insert How to buy a canoe Blog Post from May 2019) and gear is often a worthwhile investment as rental fees can quickly add up. You can launch basically anywhere there’s water, but we always love Gorge Waterway, Langford Lake, and Tod Inlet.

dock on a lakeSwimming

Probably the most accessible water sport to participate in is swimming. It’s a fantastic, inexpensive full-body workout, and it feels incredible getting in the cold water on a hot day! Whether you prefer swimming in the ocean or the lake, there are plenty of fantastic options in and around Victoria. Try seeking out little swimming holes in your neighborhood or go with a tried and true public spot. Some of our favorites are Durrance Lake, Matheson Lake, and Willows Beach.


If you’re a fan of surfing (or eager to try), Vancouver Island is a fabulous place to be. While some locals surf off Dallas Road when the waves pick up, the prime spots for surfing are further up-island. Check out Jordan River, Long Beach, or what has been named one of Canada’s most popular surfing destinations — Chesterman’s.

Wakeboarding and Waterskiingperson surfing at sunrise

Wakeboarding and waterskiing are more adventurous water sports. In addition to a thrill-seeking drive, these will require access to a boat to tow you along the back. Take a peek at this list of larger lakes that can accommodate the extra space these activities require.

Visit Capital Iron First

No matter what water sport you choose to do — make sure you do it safely! At Capital Iron, we carry life jackets and all the other gear you need to get out on the water, and hopefully, make OUR favourite water sports YOUR favourite water sports. Contact us or come by one of our two local stores today.


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