Wood, Gas Or Electric – Which Fireplace Is Right for You



It’s that magical time of year when we all want to soak up the ambiance – and heat – only a fireplace can provide us with. At Capital Iron, we’re proud to stock a wide variety of fireplaces and fireplace accessories. No matter which fireplace is right for you, you’ll find it at our store. It may surprise you how many varieties and models there are out there, so you may not even know where to begin. Let us help you!

Wood Burning Fireplaces

wood burning fireplace

This is the traditional fireplace we all know and love. The open hearth can look so grand and inviting in a classic home. It’s hard to get enough of the classic feel, aroma, and ease of just “throwing on another log”, but there actually are some downsides to wood-burning fireplaces you should know about. Clean up can be a bit of a chore, as wood produces a fair bit of ash and soot. Before and after every use, you’ll need to clean that all up. And you MUST maintain and inspect your wood-burning fireplace at least once a year. Otherwise, build up can clog your chimney, leading to disastrous problems.

gas fireplaceGas Fireplaces

With the rise of gas lines being put into homes over the past decade or so, the gas fireplace has seen a huge spike in sales due to its convenience. They look great and are easy to use. Just flip a switch! These types of fireplaces don’t require a chimney, so they’re perfect to add into a home which wasn’t originally built with one. Gas fireplaces can come at a high cost to install. But after the initial install, you’ll likely find their convenience and low cost of operating more than makes up for it. You won’t get that “fireplace smell” of a traditional wood-burning model, but they do create a similar ambiance.

Electric Fireplaces

electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a great option for apartments, rental homes, or even cabins. They don’t require a chimney and are usually quite portable, so if you move, they can easily go with you. For those who have a traditional wood-burning fireplace but don’t want to maintain it, these are a great option. Instead, they can choose to use an electric insert in that area. These are by far the easiest fireplaces to install. All you need is an outlet to plug it into, and you can enjoy its benefits immediately. They heat up a room quickly and effectively, or can be run with just the flame effect for ambiance.

Capital Iron Can Help

At Capital Iron, we love to guide people through each step when it comes to selecting their dream fireplace. Not only do we have a large selection to choose from online and in our Victoria showroom, but we offer free in-home fireplace design estimates! We can assist you in selecting the actual fireplace, any extra accessories you may want, and the design that fits the room you’re putting it into. Even if you only want to amp up your existing fireplace, we can help. You’ll end up with exactly the fireplace look you’ve been dreaming of. Check out our selection online then contact us or head down to our Victoria showroom today to get started.


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