Charcoal and Pellet Grills

Charcoal and Pellet BBQs

BBQing with charcoal is as basic as you can get and is perfect for those who prefer a true smoky flavour to their meats and veggies. With charcoal, it’s simple, and with that simplicity comes an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the grilling experience as a whole.

Pellet grills also require the use of burning material to work, but the difference between this and a charcoal grill is that pellet grills are electric. This means they heat up faster, cool down faster and it’s easier to control the temperature during the cooking process.

While it’s nearly impossible to duplicate the flavour of a meal cooked over a charcoal grill, wood pellets add a great variety of smoky flavours to complement your meat or seafood. As with charcoal grills, the temperature can be controlled through venting systems and by adding more pellets to the fire.

Do you prefer grilling the old-fashioned way, with fire and charcoal? At Capital Iron, we have a wide selection of the top charcoal and pellet grills to let you get back to basics. Our grill experts are happy to show you our full lineup of charcoal and pellet grills, from the classic Weber kettle style BBQ to the heavy-duty Kamado Joe ceramic smoker hybrid models.