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Nellies Fresh Mist Vanilla


Add some natural freshness to your home with Nellies Fresh Mist Spray. This spray is made with only two ingredients, 100% pure essential oil and water, meaning you can be sure it is a safe and environmentally friendly option for your family.
Use to freshen and scent your pillows, bedding, fabric furniture, children’s rooms, laundry or just spray into the air to freshen your entire home. You can even use this in your car or at work, anywhere the air would benefit from a mist of fresh scent.
Nellie’s Fresh Spray Mist comes in a sturdy glass bottle without a plastic spray nozzle. This is in line with Nellie’s eco-friendly philosophy. You can add a spray nozzle you already have at home to the glass bottle, or decant the spray liquid into another spray bottle that you already own, such as the Nellie’s One Bottle. Please consider recycling or reusing the glass bottle when it is empty.
Fresh Mist is available in two soothing scents: Lavender and Vanilla

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