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Scrubber Sponge Gold&Silver 4Piece


Put these EZ Clean magic scrubbers to work in your kitchen and throughout your home to get rid of dried on food and grime.
The fine metallic fibers in this scouring pad are abrasive enough to make light work of food reside on your pots, pans, plates, casserole dishes and slow cooker pots. The scrubber is also strong enough to clean the toughest messes left on your appliances. Scrub off stubborn dried on food, burnt food and spilled liquids from your stove top, inside your microwave, from backsplash tiles and even from your outdoor barbeque or grill.
Due to its abrasive nature avoid using on non-stick pans, stainless steel appliances, glass stovetops or on worktops made from natural materials that can scratch.
Don’t reserve these scrubbing pads just for the kitchen, they can be used to clean up dirt and mildew from plastic outdoor furniture or remove rust from gardening tools. They are also good for car mechanics as they are great for removing oil and dirt from metal. There really is no limit to their use when you need something that has real scouring power, that’s why they are called magic scrubbers.

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