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Hanger Skirt W/Clips Wooden


This versatile clothes hanger is a must for every organized wardrobe. It features two metal clips that will hang on tight to clothes when they are hanging.
Whatever your fashion sense and clothing preferences, you need hangers to store your clothes on. Whether you store your clothes in a walk-in wardrobe, a stand alone closet, on a clothes rack or even on the back of the door, skirt hangers offer a useful alternative to regular hangers.
Believe it or not, skirt hangers can be used for more than just skirts. While the clips are excellent for holding onto the waste band of any type of skirt, ensuring it doesn’t suffer from any kind of folding or creasing, they can also be used for pants.
Formal pants or even jeans should be folded at the waste band so the legs hang straight before they are clipped into place. This may require turning them side on and folding some of the waste band inwards, just like you see in most clothing stores.
If full length hanging room is limited, then you can fold pants in half and clip at the fold. All but the most delicate materials should come away without any clip marks.
Hanging your skirts and pants on a hanger like this will make it easier to choose your outfit for the day and help to keep your clothes wrinkle free and fresh.

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