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NeeDoh Cool Cats


Relax, unwind and de-stress with the help of this cute little cat-shaped Needoh stress toy.
Needoh balls are known for their squishability and this feline-shaped one is no exception. Keep this cool kitty close at hand for any time you need to focus or chill out. Needohs are filled with a non-toxic foam like compound that can be repeatedly squashed yet always return to its original shape.
The soft exterior is soothing and tactile to touch and this one has sweet little ears and tail which provide some texture for your fingertips to explore.
Needoh’s Cool Cats are a great fidgit toy for anyone who finds it hard to keep their hands still, or needs to work out some stress on something that wont break. It is small enough to hold in your palm so you can discretely knead it whenever you require.
These sensory toys help to promote centering and focus, which can be very soothing for those with nervous tendencies or attention disorders. Ideal for use at home, at school, in childcare facilities or at the office, Needoh Cool Cats can help you find the peace and calm you are looking for.
Needoh Cool Cats make a great gift for adults, children and anyone who is a cat lover!
Suitable for those aged 3 and up.

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