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Paddle Ball Game


Enjoy some good old fashioned fun with this classic paddle ball game. Fun for all ages, this is the classic game you remember from your childhood. The paddle, which is made from real wood, has an elastic string coming from its centre with a bouncy rubber ball on the end. Simple, but endlessly entertaining!
The aim of the game is to bounce the ball against the paddle. The elastic string will ensure the ball returns time after time, but can you make it connect with the paddle again? Safe to be used indoors as the ball won’t fly away and hit anything or anyone. Just make sure you give yourself some room to move around.
What seems like a simple game can require some skill to get a good speed and rhythm going. Count your bounces and try to beat them next time, see how many bounces you can do in one minute or try flipping the paddle over between bounces. There are lots of games you can play with this simple toy.
Maybe you could have a competition with a friend? See who can do the most bounces, or keep bouncing for the longest. It won’t just be the kids who want to have a go with this game!
Makes a great stocking stuffer, birthday gift or party favour. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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