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Retro Glider 4-Pack


You get double the fun when you build and fly your very own aircraft with these Retro Gliders. Using arm power to get airborne, these lightweight foam gliders provide hours of entertainment.
This pack includes four gliders with different designs and markings, so you can play or share with friends without getting them confused.
Before your gliders take to the skies, you need to assemble them by sliding the wing and tail pieces into place then adding the nose cone and spinning propeller. After use you can keep them assembled or dismantle them again for easy storage.
When they catch the air, the propellers will spin and the lightweight gliders will fly across the room or garden. Watch out for obstacles or people when playing!
Experiment to find out the best way to make these gliders fly far and high. Run along then let go, launch them from somewhere high or just use one big arm swing. If playing alone, see which glider can go the furthest. Or play with friends and have competitions for the longest flight, highest flight or best launching technique.
A great stocking stuffer, birthday gift, party favour or a joke gift for a grownup who likes to act like a big kid, everyone will smile when they receive these retro gliders.

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