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Angel Food Cake Pan Non-Stick Silver


Nothing beats a classic angel food cake for dessert. Bake light and fluffy desserts with the Angel Food Cake pan. Add a finishing touch with a simple vanilla icing glaze, or even a special maple icing glaze. With an easy to clean non-stick interior, your delicate cakes will quickly release, leaving very little behind for you to clean up. This angel food cake pan from La Patisserie is designed with a removable bottom and high sides to allow your cake to rise high and be easily transferred to your serving platter or cake stand. The traditional angel food cake pan design incorporates a deep pan with centre tube, to allow the cake to gently cook from the inside out, resulting in a delicate sugary exterior and a dreamy, fluffy interior. If you like, you can even fill the centre of your baked cake with whipped cream and berries. Made from durable and resilient carbon steel, it’s safe for dishwasher use. Before first use, be sure to wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers since these can degrade the non-stick coating. Made without harmful PTFE and PFOA.

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