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Pizza Pan Non-Stick 14" USA PAN


For restaurant quality pizza in the comfort of your own home, bake your homemade or frozen pizza pies on the USA Pan 14” Pizza Pan. Perfectly sized for pizzas 14″ and smaller, the USA PAN Pizza Pan can ensure a crisp, evenly baked crust, just the way you like it. Whether you enjoy meat lovers, Hawaiian pizza, cheese pizza, or your own special creation, this panb makes it easier then ever to ensure pizza night is a success. Crafted from commercial grade, heavy gauge, aluminized steel, it’s guaranteed to resist warping, ensuring a smooth, even surface and evenly baked pizza. The 14″ pizza pan also features a fluted surface that promotes high air circulation and even heat distribution. Your pizza crust will come out of the oven golden brown and crispy every time. With the patented Americoat non-stick silicone coating, you’ll never experience the frustration of a stuck pizza crust again. Made without PTFE, PFOA, and BPA. Limited lifetime warranty.

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