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Rect Measuring Spoons Stainless Steel Silver 6 Piece


This smart set of rectangular measuring spoons from RSVP Int’l puts an end to the frustration and mess of trying to scoop ingredients from jar openings. These great measuring spoons fit in even the tightest of spice jars, so you get accurate measurements without dropping any ingredients. Crafted with durable, stainless steel, these spoons are designed to last a lifetime of helping you make your favourite sweet and savoury dishes. Each spoon is highly polished, and indented with measurements on each handle for complete accuracy, so there’s no guesswork required, just a quick and simple way to get only as much as you need from your jars and containers. This standard set includes 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ¾-teaspoon, ½-teaspoon, ¼-teaspoon, and ?-teaspoon to suit your baking needs with precise measurements. With long 4 and a quarter inch handles, you can reach deeper into every jar as well. The set of measuring spoons can be kept on a removable sturdy ring to keep all your spoons in one convenient place. Dishwasher safe or wash with warm soapy water.

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