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Turkey Baster Clear Glass


For the best in basting, reach for this 11″ glass turkey baster! This long turkey baster is made of durable glass that stands up to everyday use. Not only can is it heat resistant for up to 300 degrees, but the glass tube also has 0.5 oz. increments, allowing you to give exact measurements for a consistent, delicious product every time. Use this baster to retrieve succulent juices, marinades, or other sauces to drizzle on top of your oven-roasted meats. For more versatility, use to siphon drippings from the pan to create gravies, or even remove fat from soups and stews. This baster also has an included rubber bulb for a smart grip technology for easy and secure handling. The bulb also has tapered off edges, so you won’t have to worry about this baster rolling onto the floor and creating messes and spills and wasted product.Able to hold up to 2 oz. of liquids, this baster is perfect for any back-of-house operation that practices the basting process to obtain the most flavorful meats. You can also use this baster for separating grease from sauce by siphoning the separated oil droplets from the surface. It also works well as a pancake batter dispenser, helping you to form perfectly uniform pancakes without burning yourself! Add this versatile baster to your production line!

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