Our Favourite Hiking Trails



In this part of the country, hiking can be a year-round sport. There’s no end of hiking trails dotted all throughout Victoria and lower Vancouver Island. It may seem like all local hikers have their own special secret spots. But if you’re new to hiking or are looking for some new trails to try, we’ve made a list of some of our favourite hiking trails in and around Victoria.

Beginner/Easy Trails

light shining through trees on a hiking trail

Thetis Lake Regional Park

Thetis Lake Regional Park is a good place for those fairly new to hiking or looking for something not too strenuous. The trails around Thetis are popular at any time of year, and you’re likely to run into others out strolling or walking their dogs. Walk through the scenic rainforest and admire the views of the peaceful lake.

Elk/Beaver Lake

The trail that loops around Elk and Beaver Lakes is another Victoria trail popular for beginners to walk with companions both human and canine. It’s quite long (about 10 km), but the trail is reasonably flat and easy to follow. Plus, you’ll see some lovely greenery and get some peeks of the lakes.

wooded hiking trailIntermediate Trails

Bear Hill

Have you been hiking for a few months on flat terrain and feel ready to take it up a notch? Bear Hill is the perfect place for you! It’ll take you about an hour to climb up the slightly dense, occasionally rocky (and a wee bit slippery in the rain) path. The reward, though, is stunning views of North Saanich and Haro Strait once you reach the top.

Mill Hill

Here’s another great hill that will provide a bit more of a challenge to the intermediate hiker. Mill Hill is a steeper climb, but most of the paths are well worn and tree-covered. You have a few different trail options to choose from, and you will encounter several viewpoints along the way.

Advanced/Difficult Trails

hiker looking up at a mountain

Mount Finlayson

Mount Finlayson isn’t for beginners but is ideal for those looking for a challenge. This mountain is about a 90-minute climb (if you’re experienced). However, it is quite steep, slightly slippery in parts, and only provides minimal tree cover at the midpoint. If you’re hiking on a clear day, don’t expect to be alone. This is a popular trail with locals, all enduring the challenge for the rewarding views at the top.

Mount Maguire

This 3-hour hike in East Sooke Park will truly challenge even the most experienced hiker! Mount Maguire offers steep hills, bridges, and beautiful yet dense paths. Scenic coastal and city views throughout this loop will keep you motivated to push on through the tough terrain.

All these hiking trails offer a fantastic way to get some exercise, bond with loved ones, and take in the natural wonders of our beautiful city. But remember — safety first! Always wear proper clothing and comfortable footwear suitable for hiking, bring lots of water, and stay on the marked trails. Looking for more outdoor action? We can set you up for camping, water sports and more. At Capital Iron, we’ve got all the gear you need to get you through your hike comfortably. Head to one of our convenient showrooms today, and our expert outdoor specialists will answer all your questions to get you ready for your hiking adventures. And maybe our favourite hiking trails will soon be yours!


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