To Build or Buy Your Outdoor Kitchen, That Is the Question!



Love to cook outdoors? Barbecuing outside is fun, but having an outdoor kitchen is not only useful — it also extends your kitchen and living space. Where on earth do you start, though? You can either buy pieces to use in your outdoor kitchen — or do a full custom job and build it from scratch. Consider the following when deciding whether to build or buy your outdoor kitchen.

What’s Available to Me?

These are generally 3 different types of outdoor kitchens you can get:

Pre-Manufactured: These include complete grilling systems and standalone kitchens, both big and small. You simply buy them ready-made, then easily tuck these into almost any space.

Modular: These are pre-manufactured pieces you buy piece by piece until you get your ideal outdoor space. You can lay them out in any way and install them wherever you want.

Custom: You sit down with a designer and tell them precisely what you want in your outdoor kitchen space — right down to finishes and style.

If you’re still not sure which one to choose, here are some things to think about.

Outdoor kitchenPlan What You Want In Your Space

Your first step to deciding if you should buy or build is to figure out what you want in your backyard space. If you’re only looking for a BBQ, a bit of counter space, and some seating, you can find pre-manufactured or modular pieces to fit into your yard.

If your space is an odd shape: Is your deck long? Or is your patio more of a triangle shape than a rectangle or square? Then a custom design may be the best option for you to maximize the space you have.

If you have something particular in mind: Maybe you’ve already fallen in love with a specific set up you’ve seen in a store. Or you saw some pieces online you just can’t stop thinking about. Great, go ahead and buy those.

On the other hand, your needs might be a little different. Do you have dreams of matching the colour and décor style of your home? Or do you have something in mind but haven’t seen anything similar through all your searches? In this case, you may want to pursue a custom design.

Check With Your MunicipalityOutdoor kitchen

In some areas, you may need to pull permits to do any construction work on your property. If you’re only adding in a few pieces, it should be fine. But if you’re custom building an entire patio or more substantial structure, you’ll want to double check before starting.

If you require permits to custom build a larger space, a modular outdoor kitchen might be a better fit.

Compare Costs

Most of the time, you’ll find that buying pre-manufactured or modular pieces will be less expensive than designing and building the whole space yourself. But occasionally, the price won’t be too much more. It may be worth it for you to spend a little more to get an extra personalized touch.

Get a few estimates for buying modular pieces versus doing custom design before you decide.

Consult a Professional for the Best Advice

Let’s say you have NO idea where to start, what will look good, what you really need, or what will work best in the space you have. This is when it comes in handy to be able to talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of outdoor kitchens. Our friendly experts at Capital Iron have custom designed and installed many outdoor kitchens on Vancouver Island. Whether you decide to build or buy your outdoor kitchen, we’ll take the time to show you what’s available and help you create your perfect outdoor space.

We offer BBQ’s and all accessories, patio furniture, storage, firepits, and hot tubs – absolutely everything you could want for your outdoor space. Visit our downtown Victoria store and take the first step towards having your ideal outdoor oasis today.


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