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Victoria is one of those places where we’re blessed to be able to BBQ year-round if we wish. But during the summer, we know our BBQs are likely to get more use than during other seasons. Being lazy isn’t a crime after a great meal. But using your BBQ and then throwing the cover over it until the next time you use it is really not a good idea. Proper BBQ cleaning and maintenance is crucial – not only does it ensure your BBQ performs at its best, but it’s essential for health reasons as well. Follow these simple steps for how to clean & maintain your BBQ:

Clean After Every UseMan BBQing

No, you don’t need to spend an hour cleaning your BBQ every time you grill a few pieces of chicken. However, you should always burn your BBQ off and then brush any extra food and debris off the racks and grill after each use. Not doing this could cause bacteria to build upon the grill, which could affect food quality and cause bacteria to transfer onto your food.

If you have a charcoal grill, make sure you empty out the ashes each time. Use the scraper to remove any grime baked on to your grill. The best time to do all this cleaning is to wait for the grill to cool down yet is still a little warm. It should only take you a few minutes to clean.

Cleaning BBQDeep Clean Every So Often

Although you should be wiping off extra debris every time you use it, your grill still needs to be given a deep clean every so often. If you’re using your grill several times a week, you’ll probably want to do this once a month or so, otherwise once or twice throughout the season should suffice.

Take as much of your grill apart as possible and give it all a good wipe down. Soak and gently scrub your grill grates, heat deflectors and flavorizer bars in warm, soapy water (you can buy special cleaners or use a gentle dish detergent).

Clean your burners and each part of the grill thoroughly. You’ll probably be surprised at how much gunk and grease has accumulated.

Take this opportunity to inspect all the parts to make sure they’re in good condition. Let everything dry well, then put it back together.

Check for Gas LeaksBBQ with cover

After every 2-3 uses, you’ll want to check your gas grill for propane leaks. Turn the propane on and carefully run soapy water along the length of the gas line and all the connections. Watch for small bubbles to form. This is a sign that you’ll need to tighten the connection or replace the whole line. Just make sure your BBQ has cooled down before covering.

Keep Your Grill Covered

If your BBQ didn’t come with a cover, invest in one which properly fits your BBQ. Keeping your BBQ covered between uses helps protect it from the elements and can help prevent rust and mould from forming, and further debris from building up.

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