How to Prepare Your Fishing Rod



Fishing is such a rewarding activity. And there’s almost nothing more relaxing than being out on the water on a beautiful day. But if you’re a beginner, you may not be comfortable trying to prepare your fishing rod yourself. It’s not complicated, but there are quite a few steps, and the order you do them in is important. To help, here’s a step-by-step checklist to get your fishing rod together before you head out to the lake.

1. Gather all the parts

Make sure you have all the parts you need for putting together your fishing rod. You’ll need to hold onto your rod throughout assembly, so it’s essential to have all your gear within reach.person fishing in a lake

2. Connect the main parts

Start by taking the top section of the fishing rod and connecting it to the bottom. Use the guides to make sure they fit together smoothly and are firmly in place. Then take your reel and insert it into the reel seat at the bottom of your fishing rod. Make sure this is screwed in tightly and securely.

3. Pull the line through

Place the rod securely on a stable table or against a wall, so it won’t slide down, and guide the line through. Ensure the line runs through the roller on the wheel and pull it through each of the guides. Hint: If you keep your jag loose, it will prevent annoying tangles.

4. Thread the tip

Take the line and use the guides to fit it through the tip of the rod. Guide the line through at least a few inches and make sure to hold into it.

fishing rod and lures5. Attach the tackle

Once the line is through the tip of the rod, you’ll want to attach your hook and tackle. Thread the line through the fishing hook — much like threading a needle — and pull it about six inches through. Use your thumb and first finger to hold the line while holding the rod still with your other hand. Wrap the line around the main fishing line and your thumb three time. Use the end of the line to thread through the three loops you created — like you’re tying a bow. Pull the line in the direction of your main fishing line and pull that line at the same time; this will secure the knot.

6. Cut any extra line

If you’re still left with some line, don’t let it hang down. Cut it off to prevent it becoming tangled into the rod.

7. Attach the weights

Measure roughly 12 to 18 inches down the line and attach the weights you’ll be using. How much weight you use will depend on a few factors: your bait, the distance you want to cast, and how securely you want your line to stay down.

And that’s it – that’s all you need to prepare your fishing rod. All that’s left to do is get down to the water and cast off!


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